Managing Unconscious Bias

Managing Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias has become an important issue for organization’s diversity efforts to thrive. It influences decision making in every aspects, and can negatively affect workplace interactions.
Since unconscious bias is universal, we all hold it, and it penetrates the workplace at all levels. Although biases cannot be eliminated, developing awareness of them can help make better decisions and promote a more inclusive workplace.
To get the most out of diverse teams, organizations need to foster an environment where everyone is accepted and respected to work up to their full potential.
The first step toward creating an inclusive organization is to understand and develop a greater awareness of unconscious bias.

The session will:

  • Explain what unconscious bias is, its purpose, and why we all hold them
  • Examine some of the studies to understand how unconscious bias appears in the workplace
  • Explore the impact of unconscious bias at work and to individuals
  • Provide steps to address and minimize the influence of unconscious bias

⇒ Participants will be able to increase awareness of unconscious bias that will help them create better relationships with diverse people.